Practicing Gratitude
September 29, 2014

We’ve all seen and read devotionals, psychology articles, etc. that point toward the benefits of practicing gratitude. But, did you know gratitude can be a helpful component of trust building and marital restoration? If you’ve violated trust in your marriage,…Read More

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3 Key Principles
September 18, 2014

These 3 principles have been foundational in our process. Beyond just the first difficult and challenging years of recovery, they have become a staple of our present day relationship too. The more I seek to live by them, the better…Read More

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Upside Down Economy
September 15, 2014

Ever notice how God’s economy is upside-down? The least will become the greatest, the humble made great while the proud will be humbled, the King on a donkey and in a manger, the One forsaken for one and for all,…Read More

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The Work of Recovery
September 3, 2014

When counselors get together and download about the struggle and difficulty of helping people one of the questions that comes up is this: “Who is working harder; the counselor or the client?”  If the counselor is working harder than the…Read More

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