We help men, wives and marriages through individual and couples coaching. Our approach is a combination of teaching, direction and processing. We look at the past as a means to understand the present and create a new future. We guide and direct based on lived experience, practical application and Biblical principles.

When it comes to marital work, we are wife-sensitive, putting 90% of the pressure on the husband to do the work of restoration. And often 90% means 100%. We aren’t interested in repairing a broken marriage so much as taking the remnants and weaving them into the fabric of a new marriage. One characterized by love, sacrifice, humility, empathy and tenderness. Our work is geared towards Redemption.

For wives, we offer individual coaching by women who have lived through the process and know what Redemption looks like. They know what to look for and what you should see as a wife. They know what it means to implement boundaries, to grieve well and to find yourself again. For more information on coaching for wives please visit now.

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