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Getting out of Passivity

I want to address the issue of passivity in recovery. Passivity is painful. Should I say, it is painful to watch. And it’s painful to the people who long for you to be proactive. A lot of times I don’t…Read More

Courageous Men

I’ve talked to some courageous men lately. If you do a little Bible homework, you’ll find courage/courageous used more than 50 different ways. It speaks of the wind, the heart, stones, the will, rationality, and boldness to face fear. What…Read More

Sexualize v. Angerize

I haven’t looked to see if that’s actually a word. If not, I made it up. I wanted to take a minute to talk about angerizing emotions. For men who struggle with sexual integrity issues, there are usually 2 ways…Read More

Every Mans Battle Workshop – Opening Session

We just finished the first session at another EMB Workshop and I feel super encouraged. The reason is I just saw almost 70 men face their shame. They walked through the doors of the hotel into an awkward, unknown experience….Read More

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Grieving Boat
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Understanding Shame
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Acting Out Cycle
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