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Same Shame, Different Day

Sex addicts are on shame overload. Men who struggle with sexual integrity issues are carrying around tons of shame and it is practically unbearable. In fact for some, the weight is unbearable, thus they off-load it onto other people. If…Read More

Submitting Ourselves

Submission isn’t a word we like to use very often. Especially not us men. The truth is, I’m not the best CEO of my life. So I need someone to guide me; on their terms, not mine. Think about it:…Read More

Self Reliant Resolutions

By now, many folks who made a “No More Porn” new year’s resolution have found their resolve beginning to wane. There is only so long someone can white-knuckle it, hanging on for dear life by their will alone. If you…Read More

The Crane Game

I was talking with a client about God and Christianity recently and, while describing his journey, he used this analogy: “Believing in and trusting God is like playing one of those crane games at the arcade. The game is rigged…Read More

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