Husbands want to rebuild trust in the wake of betrayal. Wives want to see their husbands fight for them. Both want a new relationship built on faithfulness, honesty and intimacy. The ReBuild Workbook is a stepping-stone to help you get there. There are also crucial conversations that husbands need to initiate and tenderly stay engaged in.

Husbands sometimes don't know what conversations they should be having, nor do they know how to start them. Wives often do know, but don't want to have to lead in the recovery process. This curriculum is designed to guide you by:

  • asking the deeper questions that give insight and understanding to the process
  • integrating Scriptural aspects of recovery that make our faith practical
  • facilitating those meaningful conversations by giving both people an entry point
  • putting a husband squarely in the driver's seat

While there are no magic solutions, Re:Build offers practical strategies for the process of rebuilding trust.