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Getting out of Passivity

I want to address the issue of passivity in recovery. Passivity is painful. Should I say, it is painful to watch. And it’s painful to the people who long for you to be proactive. A lot of times I don’t…Read More

Check-in or Checking-the-Box

A topic that comes up often in my office is that of check-ins. By this I mean the multitude of touch points men have with their wives. These include the daily ones, typified by coming and going to work, meetings,…Read More

Tips on Reassurance

Providing reassurance to our wives is an important part of trust building after betrayal. For most wives, just hearing “I’m not acting out” is not reassuring at all. If you have a history of lies and cover-ups, then it may…Read More

Measuring Progress

A common question I get from men in the recovery process is, “I’m not acting out, so how can I show my wife I’m making progress?”   To which I usually follow with a question, “How do you know when you’re…Read More