By now, many folks who made a “No More Porn” new year’s resolution have found their resolve beginning to wane. There is only so long someone can white-knuckle it, hanging on for dear life by their will alone. If you realize that you are barely making it, I hope you’ll take it as a time to acknowledge your weakness and the futility of your own strength. The only true freedom comes in the person of Jesus; for freedom He set us free.

We have to recognize that our best effort, on our best day guided by the best of intentions will still come up short. It’s at the end of ourselves we are most likely to find the beginning of Christ. Perhaps the end of yourself will be the end of your new year’s streak? Maybe it will be the decision to come to an EMB workshop? For some men it’s the moment they decide their wife really is not the problem. For others it is when they decide they are going to happen to life instead of just letting life happen to them.

I hope your self-reliance streak ends soon. The quicker that happens the quicker you can fall back into the arms of a waiting Savior.

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