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There’s hope!

We help men & marriages around the world dealing with sexual integrity and sexual betrayal. Our team has been there, lived it and by God’s grace found redemption personally and relationally.



Our flagship program for couples.



Traditional sessions in-office or via secure video meetings.



Deep-dive classes that unpack the biggest issues in the redemptive process and give practical tools to help.

Summit Devotional

In Colorado, the summit is a place of majestic and awe-inspiring views, rest and renewed vigor.

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Worthy of her Trust

This book provides a unique perspective on what it takes to rebuild trust after sexual betrayal or pornography addiction.

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Rescued. It’s what every wife yearns for in the aftermath of sexual betrayal. In the beginning, we may simply hope to survive, but in the long run, we have the opportunity to thrive.

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Understanding And Loving A Person With Sexual Addiction

This book is primarily geared toward spouses. In it we attempt to help wives understand more about sexual addiction, what happens inside the mind of someone struggling, how to engage the healing the process, and what to do if it’s not working.

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For Men

Restoring Sexual Integrity

We help men understand the drivers on lustful living, provide a vision of what God is calling them to and then help execute a plan to live with integrity. We believe God is calling us to a life that is so much more than sobriety; it is one of freedom, connection and intimacy.

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For Couples

Restoring Marriages

Whether there is mutual hope or the marriage is hanging by a thread, we want to help. We believe whether the mocha has just hit the fan or you are years into the process, there is hope. We aim at redemption in the relationship coming from a wife-sensitive approach, squarely placing responsibility on the husband for the restorative process, upgrading humility, intimacy and empathy at the core.

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For Wives

Restoring Faith

If you’re a wife looking for help and support, specific guidance on your next steps, wondering what to look for in your husband’s process or maybe you need empowerment around boundaries, we can help.

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Latest Posts

Emotions are Like Riding a Bike

Riding a bike is not something learned by thinking…it is learned by doing. No amount of dad talking about centrifugal force, or momentum, or gravity, or whatever is needed to ride a bike, is going to actually help you ride a bike. Feeling emotions is like learning to ride a bike.

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Long Division

Do you remember in third grade learning long division? The solar-powered Texas Instruments calculator? A few taps of the keypad and the answer magically appears. Yet your teacher would not accept a calculator generated answer. You had to, say it with me, “Show your work.” You could even get the right answer, but it would not count unless your teacher could see that you knew what you were doing. Long division had to be…longhand. We still love these kinds of short cuts in life, don’t we? Especially around the really difficult things…things like mending a broken relationship

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The Burrito Story

It was a few months into my recovery journey. My wife and I were under a lot of pressure in life. The reality of my betrayal was heavy enough. Beyond that, there were other profound life difficulties. Through it all, I was determined to follow my recovery path. I realized that my entire self, my entire being, was in need of transformation. This day, things were relatively calm. Tammy and I stood in line at Qdoba and waited to order. She gave that knowing look and asked “Should we get our burrito?”

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